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Oh So Lean

Premium Low Fat Products


For years I battled with my weight when I decided to change my diet. Oh So Lean provided me with a range of low fat meats that made being on a diet easy. I can have my sausages and burgers along with the rest of the family. So meals don't have to be hard work. To date I have lost 13 Stone with help from Oh So Lean who along with great products and service have a geniune interest in helping others. Keep up the good work. - Charlie Hamilton

Great friendly service always happy to help. I've been buying the products now for over 2 year, great quality and tasting meat at good value. I have relied on the products during my weight loss journey and I'm still buying every week. Highly recommended for everyone.

- Lauren Wilson

Excellent services driver really helpful, both in delivery and information about nutritional values. The food is beautiful, I'm following a low fat diet plan and with Oh So Lean I can have a fry with sausages like the rest of my family. The meat itself is without fat which means you can cook it all without any waste. The ready made meals are brilliant, I cook a lot myself but its great to have a few meals in the fridge incase Ive had a really busy day and want a quick meal. Overall I cannot say enough good things about this service. It has made a big difference to my weight loss journey and I don't know where I'd be without it. Happy customer!

- Mary Heaney

My name is Sharon. I joined a local weight loss group  in March and in December I had lost 5 Stone with the help of Oh So Lean. I work 5 days a week and found eating Oh So Lean meats helped me in different recipes, handy when I came in from work. I am 3 years at my target weight and would still eat Oh So Lean sausages, veg rolls, rissoles etc. I find them very good.

- Sharon

I have been buying Oh So Lean meats for 2 years now and it has helped me in my own weight loss journey to achieve my target weight. I don't just eat the meat myself, my whole family do. As described by my daughter as 'the best sausages ever'. 6 moths ago I launched my own weight loss group called We Slim Together. I have been promoting Oh So Lean to members and now Oh So Lean are providing the majority of my members at my 3 venues- Glengormley, Ballymena and Randalstown which has 200 members. I will continue to promote Oh So Lean and I'm looking forward on continuing working with Connor and Sean in the future.

- Sonya Mac