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15 Meals Prepped For The Week - Lunch & Dinner for 7 Days

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Stay healthy, not hungry.  

Our meals are designed to refuel your body and mind with the good stuff. 

Full of all the nutrients you need to keep you in peak performance.

Simply pick what you want and when you want to eat it. OR we can select the meals for you for our wide range.

*Please let us know what meals you want in the notes when making payments 

 *Nutritional per meal
Pasta Bolognese
Fat 4.92g, Protein 22.14g Carbs 48.38g Cals 332

Chinese takeaway curry
Fat 4g, Protein 40.4g, Carbs 46g Cals 373

Mixed bean chilli / sweet potato 
Fat 4g, Protein 17.6g Carbs 37.6g ,Cals 267

Chilli chicken stir fry 
Fat3.6g, Protein 37.8g, Carbs 34.2g Cals 311

Peppered protein chicken with saffron rice 🍚 
Fat 4.4g,Protein 37.6g, Carbs38g, Cals 330.

Chicken chow mien
  Fat 3.6g Protein 44.7g Carbs 60g Cals 452

Chicken black bean deluxe
  Fat 4g, Protein 39.6g, Carbs 61.2, Cals 452

Smoky chicken , carbonara
  Fat5.6g, Protein 40.4g, Carbs 56.8g Cals 424

Roasted red peppers and tomatoe soup
Fat2.4g Proetin 3.6g Carbs 11.6g Cals 80

Granny’s Secret  Smooth vegetable soup
Fat 2.8g Protein 4g Carbs 20g Cals 116