Free From Food

As I am wheat intolerant I decided to tell my story... Gluten Free didn't mean much to me until after another bout of very uncomfortable bloating. I decided to get an allergy test and my intolerance to wheat showed. When I went to the supermarket and nearly 4 hours later I came to the conclusion that nearly all convenience foods contain wheat or gluten of some kind. People living on a gluten free diet cannot stop off at every supermarket to do their shopping and if so are very limited as to whats on offer.

As we don't use wheat or rusk in the making of our products it was only a matter of changing the spice and on speaking to a nutritionist we decided to go MSG free as well, so now we have the three important components to a better lifestyle - Low Fat, Gluten Free and MSG Free.

I hope you try and enjoy all the products in our range and I will endeavour to come up with new recipes to keep your attention and light up your taste buds at the same time.