Oh So Lean

15 Hand-Crafted Meal Special

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Wanting to stay on plan but find it hard coming up with a variation of meals?

Check out this fantastic offer with a great variety of our most popular 15 meals. Pop in microwave and you'll meal will be ready in minutes.

Please Note: Choose what meals you like - simply contact us with details 

 Chilli mince, sweet potato —dairy free
- Chicken black bean, rice — gluten free dairy free
- Peppered chicken, rice— gluten  free
- Roast vegetable pasta 

- Chicken chilli rice gluten and dairy free
- Curry rice gluten and dairy free
- Spicy vegetable noodle 
- Pasta 
- Stew gluten and dairy free 

- Smooth country veg soup —gluten and dairy free
- Tomato soup-gluten and dairy free
- Lasagne dairy free