Oh So Lean

15 Ready Meal Special

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Wanting to stay on plan but find it hard coming up with a variation of  meals ..
Check out this fantastic offer with a great verity of our most popular 15 meals pop in microwave ready meals ..Please Note you can choose what meals you like simply contact us with details 

 Chilli mince, sweet potato —dairy free
- Chicken black bean, rice — gluten free dairy free
- Peppered chicken, rice— gluten  free
- Roast vegetable pasta 

- Chicken chilli rice gluten and dairy free
- Curry rice gluten and dairy free
- Spicy vegetable noodle 
- Pasta 
- Stew gluten and dairy free 

- Smooth country veg soup —gluten and dairy free
- Tomato soup-gluten and dairy free
- Lasagne dairy free